Brazilian Cachaça for Olympics

With the Olympics being held in Brazil this year, we thought it would be a good time to talk some Cachacha which is the national drink of Brazil. Technically, Cachacha can only be made in Brazil and from fresh sugar cane juice which is then fermented and distilled. This creates a much fruitier, livelier nose and is much cleaner than most rums on the market. The difference of cachaca vs. rum is that while cachaca as mentioned is made from pure sugar cane, while rum can be made anywhere and is usually produced from molasses, a cooked by product of sugar production and is going to be a little spicier and caramelized flavor. In recent years it’s popularity as grown among consumers and especially bartenders/mixologists because it produces such a clean cocktail. The brands we currently carry are Leblon, Pitu, Velhol Barreiro, Ypioca, Agua Luca.

Popular Cachaca Cocktails- Bloody Carioca: Variation of a bloody mary but instead of vodka as the base, try cachaca instead. Perfect for the early morning Olympic events.

Strawberry Caipirinha: 2 Strawberries, 3/4oz. lime juice, 2oz. cachaca, 3/4oz. simple syrup. Add everything into a shaker with ice and shake. Pour in a rocks glass.

Classic Caipirinha: Cachaca, 1/2 a lime worth wedges and 2 tsp. sugar or 1oz simple syrup. Muddle lime and sugar in a shaker, fill shaker with ice and cachaca. Shake well and serve in rocks glasses.