Local Distilleries

Recently there have been two local distilleries to put their product out into the market. One that you have probably heard of and one that you may not have but definitely should try. Talking about Tom’s Town and Restless Spirits. They are both located in Kansas City, Missouri and are both putting some great spirits.

Tom’s Town- They have been picking up a lot of popularity lately and after trying their products you will know why. They currently have their Strongarm Vodka, Corruption Gin and Pendergast Royal Gold Bourbon. Corruption is different from most gins in that it is not centered around junipers but instead has notes of white pepper and spice. The bourbon is only 4 years old but drinks like a 10 year bourbon and is finished in port casks which gives it a little sweetness on the back end. All 3 are perfect on their own but can really step up a great cocktail.

Restless Spirits- Restless might not have the notoriety of Tom’s Town but they for sure deserve with the high quality of their Duffy’s Run Vodka and Builders Botanical gin. Duffy’s Run has a nice sweetness to it that doesn’t come with the burn of a vodka and goes down smooth every time. Builders is a classic botanical gin with notes of  lavender, citrus, and herbal flavors. If you believe to not be a “gin-drinker” this one will change your mind on that.

Next time you’re out shopping and looking to try something new, be sure to look for these two distilleries and give them a try.