New Spirits!!

Some new spirits have hit our shelves recently that we want you to know about.

  • Straight Edge Bourbon- This is the same family that brought Slaughter House bourbon. Just like the Slaughter House, Straight Edge is aged in old Orin Swift wine barrels. Instead of Papillon barrels, Straight Edge used Mercury Head Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. This is two high quality companies together to create this amazing bourbon. On the nose you get brown sugar, maple, caramelized oak and spices. The palate is very smooth packed with brown spice, honey, and intense caramel with a little fruity sweetness on the finish. Definitely worth a try for any bourbon drinker.
  • Bird Dog Ruby Red Grapefruit and Strawberry Whiskey. You may have tried one of Bird Dog’s flavored whiskies in the past but if you haven’t, they are worth a try. Sometimes flavored whiskies can taste very syrupy and artificial. Not Bird Dog. They are very smooth and are very natural flavorings without overpowering the palate. These two new ones should be perfect for the warming months do give a refreshing shot or cocktail and at a very affordable price.
  • For you gin drinkers we have added a couple new ones that are sure to up your next gin and tonic. Right Gin and Brooklyn Ginare both made from the highest quality ingredients to make a smooth and refreshing gin. Right Gin has a medium-to-light body with an aromatic blend of spices, citrus, and floral scents on the nose. Finishes with a lingering finish as the pepper and citrus die off. Brooklyn Gin is made only in small batches only yielding 300 bottles,  made with fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper to make a very fresh and complex gin. Most recently won a double gold medal at the 2015 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition.
  • Clear 10 Citrus Vodka. You made have tried locally made Clear 10 vodka or Dizzy Three Espresso Vodka and now they have decided to add a citrus vodka just in time to keep you refreshed during the hot summer months. This is great just as a chilled shot or can make a great cocktail such as a simple vodka and soda.
  • Dripping Springs Spirits out of Dripping Springs, Texas. Dripping Springs brings you some high quality vodka’s and gin for a very affordable price. All made in 50 gallon batches with pure, mineral-rich artesian spring water slow filtered through Swedish activated carbon to make a balanced vodka with minimal burn as it goes down. They have a regular vodka, orange vodka, and gin which are all worth a try.