Restless Spirits Sons of Erin and Stone Breaker

Recently Restless Spirits out of Kansas City, Missouri has released two different types of Irish Whiskey. Sons of Erin is a traditional Irish Whiskey while Stone Breaker is a Irish-American whiskey. Restless Spirits was lucky enough to receive some used Teeling Irish Whiskey barrels for the aging process which really helps this whiskey bring out some strong oak flavors on the nose and the palate. This makes for a very smooth Irish Whiskey with little to no bite like a lot of traditional Irish whiskeys. Finishes with notes of caramel and vanilla. Stone Breaker which is named for the Irish stone cutters who built Kansas City’s early streets and buildings is one of the few whiskeys that is a blend of Irish and American whiskeys. This makes for one of the more complex Irish whiskeys available that keeps evolving on the palate. Both of these available in 750ml bottles and can both simply be enjoyed on the rocks.